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Worcon is an exchange platform connecting manufacturers and consumers.

It has been established after long-term work in the field of metal and plastic industry and the discovery of shortcomings in modern production and distribution in global world economy.

Unlike other marketplaces for the consumer markets, manufacturing-focused marketplaces naturally attract the leads that are looking for the machining and manufacturing services you provide. Therefore, you can market your business to buyers with very specific needs. Once a connection is made with a prospect, you can collaborate, discuss prints, exchange information and portray your expertise throughout the sourcing process.

All of this is done within one platform. Simply put, Worcon make it easier for you to meet qualified leads and prospects for your business.

Working on Worcon platform means access to a global world of opportunities. Worcon help their clients make significant and lasting improvements in their business. With using Worcon platform you will be able to discover industry trends, investments and news about global companies.

Worcon’s mission is to grow and cultivate the world’s largest online manufacturing marketplace, a Web-based platform that bring buyers and suppliers together to discover, collaborate, purchase and partner more efficiently and build any business they dream.

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Key People

Tin Keškić

Borna Đurin

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