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BSS developed an app that allows you to scan the video content that you are watching with your smartphone or tablet and easily and quickly get you more information about it. A Shazam for video content.

Imagine that you are watching a film on TV based on a true story and that you are interested in details of those true events. Or that you are watching a music video and you want to know where the artist is on tour and where to buy tickets for their concert. Or maybe you want to quickly get to the recipe that chef is preparing on your favorite cooking show. Right now, you have to search for this information by manually typing into a search engine.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get to this information with less effort?
With Beyond Seen Screen the content producers and advertisers can link information to the video content. Viewers no longer just passively receive video content but can interact and engage with it. The additional content that the user receives depends solely on the creativity and marketing goals of the content creator. This interaction will seamlessly guide the user to an online marketplace, streamlining the viewing to purchase experience.

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Key People

Mario Drevenšek
Miroslav Zarić
Krešimir Puljić

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